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from the other side of the rain-fogged window

 a poem from a lover looking from the outside of this foggy glass window.

rain… oh rain.

alone out in the cold..

waiting for your dearest warmth

with nothing else to hold

fog, oh fog..

a nuisance to my eyes..

with it, i cannot see your pain

your hate, your grief, your cries..

hand.. a hand

a dream i cannot seize

to hold it once again is what

i pray on bended knees

heart, dear heart..

conceived by heaven’s tears

drawn by that one special girl

i loved all these years..

v2nonexistence (C) 2008 

this is a poem i originally wrote back in may 2008 after seeing the photo above in a web profile of a very special friend of mine. originally titled Outside the Glass Window, the poem was spontaneously made and published without editing. the image is retrieved from

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