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"Let’s Try" monthly series launch.

I’ll start my monthly set of videos making me try projects I’ve never done before or projects I haven’t done in a while, challenges and dares that put my shame and emotional strength to the test, and things that are interesting and worth experiencing.

Let’s all build an Internet safe for kids. ^_^

Episode 0 is coming really soon. Watch for it on my social network.

Episode 0: Let’s Try BUILDING A RIG.


Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright for $32 ⊟

Two whole universes in one game for just $31.99! What savings! Both GameStop and Amazon have discounted pre-orders of the crossover courtroom game, due August 29.

This seems fairly unusual for a Nintendo-published game, but what isn’t unusual about the situation with this game… Image via Apolloterran, deal via @wario64.

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