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checkmate (part I)

a game to capture the opponent throne

16 pieces i have at hand

to defend my crown, my king, my own

15 pieces i command

a sacrificial opening, a soldier went unarmed

14 pieces i have kept

then backup came and helped, got harmed

13 pieces i have left…

<to be continued>

let a piece of poetry…

let a piece of poetry

tell them what you feel

what you think is right

what you know as real

let a piece of poetry

say things in better ways

tell facts with different words

show paths within a maze

let this piece of poetry

take a bit of your precious time

'cause i have nothing to write about

yet i’m aching to make a rhyme

a deck of 51

today i was told that in this deck

a card turned out to be gone

i eagerly looked at each of them

and counted fifty-one

i asked each card if there is

a card they have not seen

the king of hearts stopped and said

"i think i lost my queen"


a change of state, a change of phase

the moment nights turn into days

the switch from friend to a lover to a friend

a transition to begin and a transition to end

change can happen in a blink of an eye

change may be forced asking you to give it a try

change my be dictated by the world as you see it

change can be felt if you can just believe in it

i don’t want to be caught in the middle of this change

the life i had and life i’d have both estranged

and since i cannot rely on anything for now…

i’ll stop worrying bout it, curtains closed, bow.

the beast of broken

I was a victim of circumstance

a casualty of fate

trapped in an illusion

that Love once started to create

An emotional beast of vengeance

twisted, broken, and unloved

a sorrowful remnant of a beautiful lie

a monster, I am dubbed

Please keep me in the labyrinth

within thy heart of frost

so thee will always know where i am kept

confined yet forever lost

v2nonexistence (c) 2011

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